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One of my easter eggs turned out really cool 8]
(I just ate it though im sorry)

YELLS A LOT Thank you so much seafoam is my 2nd favorite color on the whole gaaaaaaame!


I FEEL YOU. It’s such a gorgeous color with the shimmer and iridescence and is completely my favorite. It feels nice being able to give them away to people instead of just outright sell them. IT MEANS THEY GO TO GOOD HOMES AHHHH

Take good care of him <33


Meet Catnip :) She arrived this morning looking mighty fine ;)


Basilosaurus isis (Synonym: Prozeuglodon isis [Owen 1839])

Cast of skull

Middle Eocene

Fayum, Eygpt

The original is in the Cairo Museum

London Natural History Museum

Basilosaurus was an early genus of whale. Basilosaurus cetoides was the largest ocean animal ever to exist.


A video made for the Museum of Cluny, and its “The Sword: Uses, Myths and Symbols” exhibit. It tries to dispel some of the beliefs that are still prevalent today about the weight and mobility of fighters in plate armor and show some of the techniques used in combat against armored opponents